Access detailed information
from any physical asset

Taggr transforms analog assets into digital citizens, empowering brownfield equipment to provide valuable insights for your business. Enhance your understanding of your company’s challenges and discover opportunities for improvement.

Business + information = Business – Confusion

Taggr enables you to track and monitor crucial aspects of your assets, including usage, movement, and carbon footprint. This valuable information equips you with the key to optimize resource allocation, minimize waste, and reduce environmental impact.

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Key benefits


Ignite productivity growth by leveraging informed insights to unlock untapped avenues for improvement.

Green Resource

Track and analyze the carbon emissions generated by your assets, with actionable data to implement emission reduction strategies.

Asset Insights

Gain valuable insights into asset location, usage, and movement.


Identify areas of overspending and implement targeted cost-saving measures.

What we offer

We offer an information-collection service, an all-inclusive managed solution designed to simplify the collection of valuable information. Our managed service is tailored to meet the unique requirements of businesses while maintaining a cost-effective approach. By utilizing a light-touch methodology, we seamlessly integrate Taggr into existing infrastructures, ensuring a smooth setup process with minimal disruption.

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The Technology
behind our service


The “tag”
in Taggr

Our solution centers on the deployment of the Taggr device, a small, unobtrusive device that can be seamlessly attached to any type of equipment within your operations. This device serves as the gateway to unlocking a wealth of information pertaining to asset usage, location, and crucial performance metrics. Once the Taggr device is affixed to your equipment, it diligently captures and records relevant information points throughout its operation.


the information

This information is then securely uploaded to our advanced cloud-based infrastructure, ensuring its accessibility and availability whenever and wherever you need it. Our cloud service acts as a centralized hub, where all the collected data is stored, analyzed, and transformed into actionable insights. As a Taggr client, you gain exclusive access to our intuitive and user-friendly online platform Kamino.


Taggr’s advanced sensing capabilities bring asset management to new heights by combining vibration and precise positioning technology. The vibration sensing technology captures and analyzes asset vibrations, providing insights into usage patterns and performance. This valuable information empowers businesses to identify maintenance needs, optimize asset utilization, and drive continuous improvement. Moreover, the precise positioning feature enables real-time visibility, effortlessly tracking asset movements, optimizing resources, and streamlining inventory management.

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Ecological integrity

In addition to our commitment to operational excellence, we are passionate about promoting eco-friendly practices. By providing insights into environmental impact, we empower companies to make eco-conscious choices and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

We understand that companies are facing increasingly stringent demands to report their emissions accurately. We are committed to staying ahead of evolving sustainability regulations and providing our clients with the tools and expertise they need to meet these requirements effectively. Together, we can embrace ecological integrity and pave the way for a brighter and more environmentally responsible tomorrow.

Our customer promise

To provide intelligent information that allows our customers and partners to re-imagine their business. We will deliver impact oriented and actionable information.

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