January 17, 2024 – STOCKHOLM, Sweden

Swedish TAGGR strengthens industry leadership with 
the acquisition of TRAKK, paving the way for European push for asset intelligence services.

Taggr AB, a leading provider in asset intelligence services, is enhancing its position through the acquisition of Swedish companies Trackntrace Svenska AB and Trakk Telematics Solutions AB. With this acquisition, Taggr increases its presence and footprint in the asset intelligence space.

The deal accelerates Taggr’s ambition to deliver asset intelligence services across the entire European market. With Tagger’s ambitions of also becoming number one in asset intelligence in Europe, this is a key milestone that has been reached. Trakk is one of the leaders in the Nordic region and has assisted thousands of customers over the 15 years they have been active.

Comment from Andreas Eriksson, Taggr CEO.

Taggr’s expertise in asset intelligence services, combined with TRAKK’s highly esteemed service platform and their longstanding presence in the market, clearly accelerates Taggr’s journey. We are also expanding and enhancing our industry knowledge through access to highly competent individuals who have worked with a global or European perspective for over 20 years in the markets and verticals that we are initially focusing on.

Comment from Mattias Sundström, Trakk CEO.

We have been working for several years together with Taggr and achieved success in deploying our joint offer to multiple key customers. Company culture, way of working and ambitions are a perfect match. Our customers will benefit greatly as they get more capabilities both from a technical and operational perspective. To address the European market the way we want, we needed to size up and Taggr offered the most exciting path for that.

About Taggr

Taggr is a pioneer in the realm of asset intelligence services. Its cutting-edge solutions enable businesses to harness the power of asset information, ensuring enhanced efficiency, sustainability, and profitability. Committed to a net-zero future, Taggr is changing the face of asset intelligence.


Trakk is a development company specializing in providing intelligent IoT monitoring and tracking systems for vehicles and industrial machinery. The company has extensive experience in managing data and utilizing it to optimize the performance of vehicles, machinery, and inventory.

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June 20, 2023 – STOCKHOLM, Sweden

Taggr raises €1.2M for its intelligent asset service an essential component in achieving net-zero goals.

Taggr, a leading Swedish intelligent assets company, has successfully completed its Spring 2023 financing round, securing €1.2 million from venture capital firms Polar Structure and Capelin Ventures. This funding propels Taggr closer to its vision of becoming a global leader in intelligent assets across a range of key industries such as construction, transportation, logistics, and mining and quarrying.

Recognizing the transformative potential of intelligent assets technology and sharing risk with customers through its unique business model of selling information instead of a technical device, system, or service, Taggr has devised an unprecedented offer. This approach minimizes barriers to adoption, enabling customers and partners to deploy these advanced capabilities rapidly. With the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) soon to come into effect, Taggr’s unique approach to measuring and reporting CO2e emissions will become indispensable for companies and cities seeking to be compliant with the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). Both combustion-based and electrified equipment can benefit from capabilities that allow tracing back when, where, and how much energy was consumed.

According to reports within the construction equipment industry, Taggr’s capabilities will be instrumental in achieving up to a 50% reduction in the carbon footprint of construction equipment.
This latest funding round signifies a vote of confidence from the investor community in Taggr’s innovative approach and market potential. Polar Structure’s investment is not just a financial endorsement but also a vital part of a strategic alliance to catalyze Taggr’s growth trajectory.
The capital injection will be utilized to advance product development, scale operations, and broaden customer outreach. As Taggr navigates the emerging intelligent assets landscape, the backing of Polar Structure and Capelin Ventures will be invaluable. Their support will aid Taggr in capitalizing on this technology’s immense potential and shaping a future where digital intelligent assets become an integral part of multiple industry verticals.

”Polar Structure invests holistically to contribute to transforming cities and communities to make them sustainable and more efficient. Our investment in Taggr exemplifies this commitment, as it enables precise monitoring of equipment and goods, forming the foundation for optimizing utilization and logistics – both of which are crucial factors in achieving net-zero goals,” says Tobias Emanuelsson, Founder and CEO of Polar Structure.

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